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Kiki Rebel


About Kiki Rebel

Immersive Travel | Travel Planner | Events Manager | Corporate MC | Tour Guide

My name is Kiki and I like to think of myself as a friendly, enthusiastic, approachable, mixed European (well, it does sound more exotic than half Welsh/half Greek) tour guide!

Fleet-footed, and mercurial like the herald messenger, Hermes, I have been fortunate to experience living in 9, working in 8, and travelling over 47 countries across five different continents. This has brought me the great pleasure of working with people from a mixture of cultures, learning from each other, and sharing our values

I have worked hospitality industry for over 20 years enthusiastically combining my passion for sustainable tourism, authentic adventures and experiences, and exploring ancient lands, myths, and cultures.





Kiki Rebel Tours ... how it all began!


Kiki Rebel Tours began in  Barcelona 14 years ago! It was a cold evening in November when I realised how travellers like me weren't given many culturally creative options in the city, so on that cold night, I decided to rebel against the norm and offer people a different perspective of this city.


One of my passions is to keep up to date with all cultural events that are happening including small and relatively unknown ones. I love to explore the hidden elements of this beautiful city with my friends.



What People say about Kiki Rebel

Kiki is known for her contagious enthusiasm and storytelling, attention to detail, and vast knowledge of Barcelona, Athens, and Aegina. Her passion is to share her enthusiasm for these places, to seek out the relatively unknown, and providing you with the element of surprise!

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