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Welcome to your personal guide to Aegina

Kiki Rebel Tours is your gateway to unforgettable experiences on this captivating Saronic Greek island!

Immerse yourself in the rich history, breath-taking landscapes, scattered with olive groves and world-famous pistachio orchards, of Aegina. Discover significant archaeological sites, walk along sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters, and enjoy a vibrant culture.

Aegina preserves its legends and entices you into its enchanting island ambiance.

Only 40 minutes by hydro-ferry from Piraeus, Athens' main port.


Tours, Experiences, and Workshops can be offered outside of the schedule.

A Brief History of Aegina

Aegina has been inhabited since Neolithic times! It has a fascinating heritage, and oozes culture, having held many significant roles over its history. It is also home to one of the most important, influential, and well-preserved ancient temples in Greece. 

According to ancient mythology, Aegina owes its name to the nymph Aegina, the daughter of the river god Asopus, whom Zeus, of course, seduced!!



Kiki Rebel Tours has been a great success over the last 14 years because Kiki runs the majority of the tours herself and collaborates with local specialist guides with the same passion, engagement, and openness.

Join a Kiki Rebel Tour and discover this fascinating and picturesque island, and experience life like a local!

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Hellenic Immersions

Discover the true essence of Aegina with the following experiences:

Aegina Recommends

Why Aegina?

"This beautiful charming Greek island near Athens won me over in less than 24 hours, and now I live here part-time! It has such a rich, important, and inspiring, history. A bonus is we are surrounded by crystal clear and inviting sea. Each side of the island offers something different and the people are wonderful, friendly and so welcoming. "


Kiki also recommends...

There are many activities, walks, hiking, and things to see and do around Aegina and close by!

* Moni islet with incredible crystal clear water, peacocks, and deer!

* Relaxing Private boat trip.


* Mosaic Making Workshop - be inspired by ancient Greek mosaics and techniques

* Snorkeling Excursions to hidden archaeological sites

* Ancient Olive Grove Tour. Sit amongst 2,000-year-old trees!

* Vrouva Farm Tour - An amazing animal sanctuary with Greece's first rescued cow, Hope! All the animals there have been rescued and provided a loving, carefree, home.

* Yoga on the beach

* Painting workshop

* Guided kayaking tour around beautiful Agistri island

We can organise any of the above recommendations for individuals, families, or private groups

Captivating Aegina

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